BROCKHAMPTON (stylized in all caps) is an American rap collective formed in San Marcos, Texas, in 2015 and currently based in California.

Why They and Their Songs Rock 

  1. Kevin Abstract's willingness to rap about deeply personal subjects like his sexuality is refreshing, especially in a genre that doesn't feature many other artists doing the same.
  2. Matt Champion can go from rapping about his resentment of rape culture, as he does in the song "Junky", to letting a more playful side show, like in his verse on "Gold".
  3. Dom McLennon is able to write thought-provoking lyrics that address serious issues like relationships, mental illness, and self-harm.
  4. Many of Merlyn Wood's verses focus on his decision to drop out of college and join the group.
  5. JOBA's vocals are very versatile and otherworldly.
  6. bearface is the most mysterious member of the group, as he doesn't appear in most of the group's videos and other visual content, but his voice carries off some of their most beautiful songs.
  7. Identity is important to each of the members, and they each make a point of telling their stories, regardless of their race, sexuality, or position in the group.
  8. Both Dom and Merlyn get personal about their life stories in some of the group's songs.
  9. They are very crafty when it comes to making music, as they almost always change the genre of music in some of their songs, from hip-hop to experimental to soft, intimate R&B.
  10. The group has been changing the face of boy bands, rebranding the teen heartthrob as all of the things it historically hasn’t been.


Studio albums

  • Saturation (2017)
  • Saturation II (2017)
  • Saturation III (2017)
  • Iridescence (2018)
  • Ginger (2019)

Compilation albums

  • Saturation Boxset (Saturation Drafts)


  • All-American Trash


  • "Bet I"
  • "Hero"
  • "Dirt"
  • "Flip Mo"
  • "Cannon"
  • "Face"
  • "Heat"
  • "Gold"
  • "Star"
  • "Gummy"
  • "Swamp"
  • "Junky"
  • "Sweet"
  • "Boogie"
  • "Stains"
  • "Rental"
  • "1999 Wildfire"
  • "1998 Truman"
  • "1997 Diana"
  • "J'ouvert"
  • "San Marcos"
  • "New Orleans"
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